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I went from having migraines everyday to three times a week and now one every two weeks. I have seen tremendous improvement!


Signature Chiropractic ROCKS! I feel great since getting regular adjustments, great care. Dr. Kim always wants to get to the source of the problem and not cover it up.


I had migraines everyday. After only 3 short months, I am down to only having a migraine maybe once a month. Today, I feel so blessed knowing I have got to spend quality time with my family and actually live my life.

Brandy 8/11/15

A short time ago, I came to Signature Chiropractic with severe pain in my shoulders, neck, and arm, as well as aching pain in my back after rupturing a spinal disk. The pain was severe enough for me to take a narcotic pain reliever, since I could only sleep for approximately 1.5-2 hours a night. I arrived at Signature Chiropractic in what I would describe as a desperate state, searching for relief from nearly unremitting pain. Today, there has been an extraordinary relief from pain- starting with my first session, and returning me to nearly normal function within weeks. I am sleeping 6-7 hours nightly, and most important, enjoying life again.

Ellen (age 64) 4/7/14

A short time ago, I walked with a hunch, slow and in pain. Pain when I slept, walked or sat. Spasms in my back were debilitating and I was depressed, discouraged, hopeless. I could not play, lift, hug or enjoy my grandchildren, or worship in the freedom I had known. Today, I am not pain free, but I am regaining more freedom of movement, nearly spasms free, and I can climb the stairs, play with my grandchildren and worship with out pain!

Jennifer (age 51) 10/28/13

A short time ago, I was constipated. Today, I am regular and Ive been going here for 2 years.

Jazmyn (age 8) 9/10/13

A short time ago. I experienced a terrible pain in my back that was so painful, i could not move or hardly breathe. Doing dishes and folding laundry was excruciating for me. For years I could not even play on the floor with my kids. Today, I am sleeping through the night, I can stand for longer periods of time, I am more active, I do not experience any pain. Dr. Kim & staff are Amazing!

Tisha (age 41) 8/19/13

A short time ago, I could not work without being in pain, constant headaches, couldn’t play with my son, could not sleep a full night without tossing and turning. Today, I can sleep very well, no headaches, I am working with little to no pain, can play with my son as I please.

Haley (age 18) 7/30/13

A short time ago, I was in so much pain that I was thinking of using a wheel chair. I was in the process of talking to my Doctor about getting a referral for another round of steroid shots to my back. I was walking crooked and was using orthotics because of the foot and leg pain and did not get much relief with all the pain medications I had been prescribed. I was so desperate for relief of back and foot pain, that I actually considered and decided to see a chiropractor. I heard Dr. Kim at a short presentation and he has changed my life. Today, I can truly say that 90 percent of the pain is gone. Just the first visit, I told my husband that I was healed and did not need any more visits. I have come a long way, do not need the orthotics, am exercising, and have lost 24 pounds and counting. My life is back to normal and I keep thanking Dr. Kim at every visit.

Virginia (age 67) 7/29/13

A short time ago, I came to Dr. Kim with back problems. I could not stand straight. Every time I sat down, I had a very difficult time standing up, walking, holding and playing with my 3 year old. Today, I can sit down and stand up with no worries. I don’t feel the pain I used to have in my back and can sit for longer periods of time. Most importantly, I can play and hold my son. Thank you!

Andrea (age 37) 7/25/13

A short time ago, I was having extreme headaches more then ofter three days a week. They were so extreme I could barely get through a day without wanting to stay home in my dark room and sleep. Today I am able to go through weeks at a time without having a single headache! I can only say this is done by coming and seeing Dr. Kim. Thank you!

Brady (age 21) 7/21/13

A short time ago, I an octogenarian (85 years old) embraced the Dr. Kim’s program based upon the Holistic benefit potential. Note progress: Improved Rang-of-Motion, Astonishing improved Flexibility, Diminished Arthritic discomfort, Improved walking ability, Eliminated tingles and numbness in right arm. Today, feeling good and looking forward to optimal holistic health.

Bill (age 85) 7/29/13

A short time ago, I was referred to Dr. Kim by a close friend. I was told that by going to Dr. Kim maybe he could help relieve a lot of my back pain and headaches. Well over these past months, I have to say I am impressed by my results. I have gone from absolute pain to felling a lot better thanks to Dr. Kim. I feel a lot looser, even though there is still soreness. My head is feeling much clear, overall not a bad day so far.

Keith (age 54) 6/25/13

A short time ago, I was on over 13 medications to help with back, shoulder, scoliosis, numbness in my arms and hand pain. I also had full on pressure in my whole left leg to the point my hips were shifted left. Today, I honestly can say I am down to one medication a day its not even for the pain. I have been pain free and am hardly ever sick do to the care of Dr. Kim!

Tiffany (age 33) 5/22/13

I had neck and lower back pain that cause many problems. I had a bad car accident which hurt my spine, arms, and ribcage when I was younger. After steady care by Dr, Kim my back and neck problems are now minor problems. I have better movement and feeling great again.

John (age 48) 4/10/13

I had lots of back pain and it happened often. Some times it was hard to walk. Today, I have no more back pain thanks to Dr. Kim.

Mark 5/2/13

I had lower mid-back pain and stiffness, digestive issues, and I was constantly sick. After seeing Dr. Kim the stiffness went away, my digestive issues are gone, and not sick as much and sick less often.

Jeremy (age 24) 4/4/13

I have had terrible scoliosis since I was in High School. I have had intense pain in my back that would put me to the ground. Multiple migraines a week and I hated that my clothes did not fit well due to my scoliosis. I have always been into extreme sports and always athletic. I love health and fitness and love spreading the message of wellness. As of today I am not in as much pain and less often. My migraines have not happened in a long time. And my rib hump due to my curve is less evident with my clothing which gives me more confidence! I am so excited to continue my care with Dr. Kim into the future!

Shawna (age 25) 3/16/13

Thanks to Dr. Kim’s wellness program this past year one thing I’ve noticed is I am no longer have to “get going” when rising from a chair Now I “simply go.” Plus the best bonus ever, I went home to be with family for Christmas, my nephew asked “what are you doing? you look younger!” Love that kid! Lol! Since Dr. Kim’s wellness program is the only thing I’ve done differently in the past year, I recommend him to everyone and wish my family were here to experience this awesomeness as will! Thank you Dr. Kim!


A short time ago, I would get colds and flu’s once a year or more. Today, I have not had even a headache for a year or more. I am not on any medication what so ever. Thank you Dr. Kim!!


This is a big thank you to Marilyn for my gift of health I received last Christmas. I was a little reluctant to actually go for the free x-rays and exam and 2 weeks of treatments. But I was really at my last hope. I had been told by 3 different doctors I needed to have surgery on my lower spine… because of degeneration disks and 2 bad car accidents I was really in pain every day. I’m a hair dresser standing on my feet all day long and I was having to take Advil like it was candy. I felt pretty good after my 2 weeks and decided to join the program because it all made perfect sense to me. I’ve been on the program with Dr. Kim for almost one year now and I can say with out any doubt it was the best gift I have ever gotten. So thank you to Dr. Kim and especially to Marilyn who gave me this special gift. I only hope I can do the same thing for someone else this year. I will keep on passing on the word!!!

Leslie M. (age 60)

I was having back pain, neck pain, and terrible headaches to where I had to be in my room where it was quiet and I took 4-5 Advil a day to just get rid of the pain. As of today I feel great, no headaches!! No Advil!! Thank you so much Dr. Kim much ALOHA!!!

Serena 5/1/12

I suffered with right arm pain with numbness and tingling. I consulted Ortho’s, MD’s and after treating with Dr. Kim I had immediate relief and it hasn’t continued since. I feel 100% better and my energy and stamina has returned. Thank you Dr. Kim!

Deotta K.

I came in to see Dr. Kim for headaches, neck pain and tension with muscle spasms into my shoulders. I was taking pain pills, Advil and felt worse. Now after seeing Dr. Kim, no more pain meds, decreased stiffness and muscle spasms, headache relief. I learned the importance of my spine and learned to listen to my body and take care of the minor annoyances before they become Major problems.


A short time ago, I had 3-5 headaches a week. I’d have to stay in bed in the dark and hope the meds would help me out to sleep it off. Then I met Dr. Kim at a half Marathon expo. I figured chiropractic had to be tried because I didnt want to keep up the meds. Today, now the medication is sitting in my medicine cabinet collecting dust and not in my body releasing more havoc. God blessed me with Dr. Kim and I am thankful. -Katrina T.I came in to see Dr. Kim for extreme pain in my left hip and lower back. And now I went from having a 12 out of 10 pain to a 3/10 and went from walking with a constant limp to walking almost normally.


I was suffering from frequent migraine headaches, dizziness, lower back pains ( which felt like I was in constant labor), shooting pains up and down my legs, and numbness in my face and arms. I saw my general physician and was prescribed medication and had an MRI of my brain and spine. None of them could figure out what was wrong with me. After treatments from Dr. Kim I no longer have debilitating migraines or dizziness everyday; the tension in my shoulders is less than before; numbness has also gone away. Also my posture is improving and I can sleep for longer periods at night. Even if you have seen a chiropractor before, not all chiropractors are the same. You have to find a chiropractor that has your best interest at heart. Dr. Kim truly cares about his patients. He tries to educate them and help them to be able to live a life without pain. I tried going to another chiropractor before, and he never educated me about becoming stronger and healthier. My old chiropractor just gave me adjustments. I have never seen any other doctor devoted to helping his patients like Dr. Kim, and this is from a person who has seen MANY doctors.


A short time ago, I had trouble sleeping, had minor incontinence, took many different prescriptions, for anxiety and had numbness in my hands and arms when working. Today, I sleep well each night, the incontinence has almost completely solved itself, I am taking only asthma meds, and the numbness has subsided.

Linda (age 49) 6/12/12

I had neck and shoulder pain and almost had surgery. After seeing Dr. Kim I’ve gained more time to do the things I enjoy pain free with regained flexibility and mobility. Thank you Dr. Kim!


A short time ago, i had some neck pain and it was very painful and I could hardly move my neck without pain. It hurt to touch and it gave me headaches. Today, I don’t have headaches and the pain in my neck is gone.

Jennifer (age 28) 9/6/12

I experienced low back pain from a car accident and tried to just take drugs for the pain. Dr. Kim did a thorough exam and gave me back and neck adjustments. Before seeing Dr. Kim, I could barely get out of bed and I was in constant pain. Dr. Kim is the best chiropractor I have ever seen in my 57 years. I am cured of all pain and I can stand up straight. He is very thorough and gentle.


  • "A great team of people working together in his office. I always look forward to going there for adjustments and leave with a smile on my face. Dr. kim is not only a excellent Chiropractor,I consider him to be a health coach too! always ready to take you to the next level of health the natural drug free way.The way we were created to be."
    Julie S.

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